Some attorneys pride themselves on taking aggressive positions and pushing every case to trial. Not us. At the Law & Mediation Offices of Julia M. Tracy, we know that family law trials are rarely in the interest of you, our client, and are almost never in the best interest of your children. Trials are financially and emotionally exhausting, draining resources that could be better spent on your family.

We also know that it is impossible for any judge to know as much about you, your financial circumstances, or your children, as you do.

And we know that parties who actively participate in reaching a settlement are much more likely to see their agreement as fair, and to abide by it, than those who have an order imposed upon them by a judge. That means more cooperation between the parties on a day-to-day basis, and less running back to court to modify or enforce orders.

Therefore, we work diligently to gather all the necessary facts, to advise you of the law, and to make every effort to negotiate a settlement that everyone can live with.

If all settlement efforts fail, and trial is unavoidable, we provide thorough, assertive, and effective representation.