Mediation, whether court-ordered or voluntary, offers parties an opportunity to resolve their disputes themselves, with the assistance of a skilled mediator (who represents neither party). This enables them to avoid the time and costs of litigation; ensures that each party has a chance to voice their concerns to the mediator and have those concerns addressed; and puts the decisions regarding their family’s future in their own hands, where it belongs.

Collaborative law offers parties the comfort and confidence of being represented by a knowledgeable attorney who is looking out for their interests, without the financial and emotional costs of litigation. It is a kinder, gentler divorce process in which parties cooperate with each other and their collaborative attorneys to achieve a settlement that works for them and their families. Settlement possibilities are expanded because the parties are not limited in fashioning an agreement in the way that judges are constrained by the law.

Julie Tracy is a true believer in the many benefits of non-litigation approaches to divorce. That belief, along with her experience and training, has made her a highly effective mediator and collaborative attorney.